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Getting started

WemTel's experts are on hand to guide you through the various options according to your particular requirements and to assist you through the entire process.

It's as easy as counting to 4

  1. Existing or new handsets? - You can choose whether you would like new VoIP handsets or are going to utilise an existing telephone system with a SIP Gateway device.
  2. Set up a WemTel VoIP account - Select a VoIP account with WemTel which provides you with the services and support you need.
  3. Existing or new phone numbers? - Confirm if new VoIP numbers are required or if you wish to have your existing numbers ported onto the service. Porting procedures.
  4. Access to the web - An Internet connection dedicated to voice traffic with the bandwidth required to support the number of concurrent calls you require. We can advise or supply a number of broadband and leased line options.

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Free Trial

You can trial both VoIP handsets and gateways. Simply contact us and we'll explain the options open to you.


"Sometimes in business you have those defining moments that change how your business operates. Making the decision to install a WemTel VoIP telephone system was one of those moments. The simplicity of the system, the quality of the calls and the cost savings have completely benefited our company"

Ian Block, A.T. Cronin Ltd

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