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What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or Hosted Telephony is a smart telephone service that uses a Broadband connection to carry your phone calls over the Internet instead of through traditional telephone lines. In doing so it provides no loss of audio quality and all the telephone features that you’re used to whilst potentially offering your company substantial cost savings. Moreover, because the service is software-based and centrally updated, you have the option to manage your calls via a simple web interface.

How VoIP Works

Traditional audio signals are converted into digital packets that are then sent over the Internet to their final destination.

VoIP can be used anywhere there is a broadband connection so your staff can make calls on a handset at home, in a branch office or use their mobile phone.


All that's required to take advantage of the service is:

  1. a VoIP compatible phone or device
  2. an Internet connection
  3. a WemTel account

Specialist VoIP phones are available or you can choose to convert your existing plain old telephones or even an entire multi-site PBX. You can review the Products and Options page for more information on your choices.

VoIP can run on other devices too not just plain telephones. If you prefer, you can make and receive calls using your laptop or mobile phone. The choices for equipment are endless!

Call Quality

Unmatched. Give us a call and hear the crystal-clear quality for yourself.

Call quality needs to be perfect for businesses. We couldn't imagine using a commercial service that wasn't up to the task. So, we have invested a great deal of time and effort to ensure a crystal-clear business-grade experience. With the correct equipment, bandwidth and QoS in place, your users will not even notice the difference when using our VoIP service.

Who is VoIP for?

VoIP is a great solution if you are a business that:

  • Is moving to a new site and want to keep your numbers
  • Wants to save on telecoms line costs
  • Wants to make the most out of your high-speed Internet connection and lower phone bills
  • Have branch offices or remote workers
  • Have outgrown your telephone system or are considering a replacement
  • Wants to improve the ability to handle and manage incoming calls, especially in the service industry
  • Is coming to the end of an expensive 3 or 5 year BT ISDN contract
  • Would like to be able to manage cash flow and forecasting better
  • Is using BT Featureline and want increased features
  • Have just deployed an MPLS QoS network and want to route calls efficiently
  • Wants to improve their disaster recovery capability
  • Wants to improve their carbon footprint (e.g. Public sector)
  • Wants an outsourced voice solution without the expense of onsite PBX technicians
  • Is seasonal or project-based and wish to expand or contract the number of users easily
  • Wants Outlook integration or advanced features that the existing system does not deliver
  • Suffers from weak mobile signals in the places your staff would like to use their mobile phones from
  • Makes many expensive long distance or international calls
  • Have sales staff frequently travelling and would like to take their numbers with them
How much can I save?

SIP Gateway Savings for existing PBX users

If you already have a telephone system, the SIP Gateway Calculator will show how much you can save by replacing your ISDN lines with a SIP Gateway and an Internet connection.

Find out how much you can save by using our SIP Gateway Savings Calculator

Call rates

The WemTel service is unique in that we bill by the second not by the minute. Therefore, when you make a 10 second call you pay a fraction of a penny as opposed to others who charge a minimum call set up fee of 3p or more.

Call charges by destination


BT Business One(including setup charges)


UK Local 4.6 1.32
UK National 4.6 1.32
Australia 10 2.12
China 18 2.02
France 7 1.86
Germany 7 1.78
Hong Kong 10 2.78
Singapore 10 1.22
USA 6 1.42
Prices are in pence and exclusive of VAT

Enquire about special pricing for your most popular destinations - we'd be glad to help make sure you start saving on your International calls from day 1!

For a full list of our rates see our rate picker

Can I keep my numbers?

We have a porting agreement in place to port your existing numbers from analogue lines or ISDN to the platform.

The advantages of doing so are numerous. Imagine having all of your office numbers that were tied to the BT line now pointing to anyone, any group or any device anywhere in the world. This means you can set up a sales hotline, for example, to ring multiple phones in different locations in multiple countries all at the same time!

Geography is no longer a barrier to your business. Of course, new numbers can be supplied if needed.

Please see our Porting Procedure for more information

Can I switch to VoIP using my existing phone system?

Yes you can!
Route all your calls from your existing PBX via the Internet and keep your existing phone system and switch to VoIP by installing a SIP Gateway

By installing a SIP Gateway or providing your IP PBX system with a VoIP service, you can keep all of the BT equipment including telephones in place and your users will not notice that calls are now Internet-based. This is known as SIP Trunking. The functional and financial benefits of adopting this technology are both numerous and compelling, and we can interface with all major PBX manufacturer's systems.

What is SIP Trunking, and what does it mean for my business?

SIP Trunking moves you away from your dependence on the traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) system. It does this by sending your calls via IP (data) networks instead of ISDN or analogue lines.

To get up and running with a SIP trunking, you need a PBX (this could be your existing phone system), SIP Gateway device and an Internet connection with the capacity to support high quality voice calls. Everything else is taken care of by WemTel including provisioning and ongoing support.

Benefits of SIP Trunking

We offer a hassle free and completely seamless transition to VoIP in your own time and with no disruptions. Your employees won't notice that the system has switched over. The SIP trunk simply connects between your ISDN lines and your PBX, with all calls routed accordingly. Only when you are 100% satisfied with both the service and the call quality will we arrange for your telephone numbers to be transferred to the WemTel service.

In many cases, you could be saving over £4000 over 3 years – see how much you could save by using our SIP Calculator.

SIP trunks are also very scalable, and depending on your Internet connection, 120 simultaneous calls can be made per SIP Gateway. Your telephone system can be extended out to remote branch offices and home workers so that all users across your business are connected seamlessly.

Complete Geographic Independence

Just pick up and move, your numbers stay with you

If you're thinking of moving office, just take the SIP trunk with you. When you connect it to the Internet at your new office, your telephone numbers will already be there with you - without any forwarding costs.

You can even split your existing number range. For example, 10 numbers from your existing range could be transferred to a new office, leaving the rest exactly as they were.

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The benefits

  1. Cheaper
    • Cheaper Calls
    • Reduced capital expenditure
    • Zero maintenance costs
    • Free calls between remote offices and home users anywhere in the world
  2. Maximum flexibility & scalability
    • Use your VoIP system anywhere
      (work, home, abroad)
    • Improved productivity
    • Keep your own PBX
    • Keep your own numbers
  3. Work wherever I want
    • Your office number on your mobile
    • Answer my calls on any device, anywhere in the world
    • Take my business phone numbers with me when I move offices or travel
  4. Web access to telephony services
    • Control my phone from any web page
  5. Voicemail to Email
  6. Future features now
    • Enterprise-class functionality at SMB prices