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VoIP Features

The benefits such as cheaper calls and remote working are well known, but what are the features of VoIP? Listed below are the top 10 features:

 1. Remote Office

Use any device anywhere in the world to make and receive your calls. You can even turn a hotel phone in Hong Kong into your office phone without incurring expensive outward call charges from the hotel.

 2. Simultaneous Ring

You now have complete control over your calls. When your phone rings in the office, you can now have that call ring simultaneously on any device anywhere else. You choose which device to use to pick up the call, and that is where the call will be routed.

 3. Easy Self Administration

Simply access your settings from any browser and you can remotely control how and where your phone rings. Admin access gives you the power to change users and settings as you wish.

 4. Outlook and Internet Integration

The Toolbar enables users to make, accept calls and change telephone settings from within Outlook and Internet Explorer by simply clicking-to-dial any contact or web page phone number.

Find out more about the Toolbar including features and user guides.

 5. Auto Attendant

Use an automated receptionist to answer your callers and provide a personalised message to callers with options for connecting to the operator, groups or users by name or extension.

 6. Voicemail to Email

Now you can get your voicemails delivered to your inbox as an email attachment. Handy when you need a record or want to forward to a colleague.

 7. Flexible Hunt Groups

Users can be anywhere, including at home and still be available to take calls - so your business can have a sales line that rings multiple sales personnel in different locations, ready for the next agent to deal with.

 8. Selective Call Forwarding

Set criteria to allow your phone to automatically forward certain calls to a specified destination.

 9. Conferencing

Enables you to create three-way calls so that all parties can communicate with each other. Get more done, quicker.

10. Call Recording and Reporting

Unique VoIP call recording solution that allows you to remain compliant, assess performance and examine calls as needed.

Find out more about WemTel's unique VoIP recording system.

Free Trial

You can trial both VoIP handsets and gateways. Simply contact us and we'll explain the options open to you.

Did you know?

That you can switch to VoIP and still use your existing phone system! All you need is a SIP Gateway.

Find out more in our FAQs and Vegastream Gateways.

The benefits

  1. Cheaper
    • Cheaper Calls
    • Reduced capital expenditure
    • Zero maintenance costs
    • Free calls between remote offices and home users anywhere in the world
  2. Maximum flexibility & scalability
    • Use your VoIP system anywhere
      (work, home, abroad)
    • Improved productivity
    • Keep your own PBX
    • Keep your own numbers
  3. Work wherever I want
    • Your office number on your mobile
    • Answer my calls on any device, anywhere in the world
    • Take my business phone numbers with me when I move offices or travel
  4. Web access to telephony services
    • Control my phone from any web page
  5. Voicemail to Email
  6. Future features now
    • Enterprise-class functionality at SMB prices
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